Memory city /anglais par Alex Webb

August 25, 2019

Memory city /anglais par Alex Webb

Titre de livre: Memory city /anglais

Auteur: Alex Webb

Broché: 132 pages

Date de sortie: June 11, 2014

ISBN: 9780500544327

Éditeur: Thames & Hudson Ltd

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Alex Webb avec Memory city /anglais

For this project, Alex Webb took photographs of Rochester, New York, with his last rolls of Kodachrome, a formerly vibrant colour film that can now only be processed as black-and-white. The resulting photographs, taken during what may be the last days of film as we know it, are a meditation on film, memory, time and the city itself; they have a weathered quality akin to a fading memory. Alex also took some shots in digital colour, which punctuate the black-and-white work with images in his signature style. Rebecca, who still uses film for all her work, responded to the mediums uncertain future by creating a melancholy refrain of colour still-lifes and portraits of Rochester women past and present.